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ESPRIT EUREKA Phono Cable > TAS review

ESPRIT EUREKA Phono Cable > TAS review

By any standard these cables are superbly musical performers. ESPRIT Eureka brought forth from my vinyl collection tangible directness, higher saturation, and wider contrasts—elements that had ever-so-slowly gone missing over the years.

And it is fairly priced, considering the degree to which it elevated the sonics of my LP rig. The end of the road? Well, let’s consider. My estimable Sota LP rig registers in the $20k range—not an insubstantial sum by any means. Then again, I can’t speak for the owners of six-figure hyper-tables from the likes of Acoustic Signature, Basis, SME, TechDas, Walker—rigs that by their very existence suggest that finer and finer gradations of transparency can indeed be had, for a price. I can only speak honestly of my experience, and for me Esprit Audio’s Eureka phono cable turned out to be that rare state-of-the-art moment. A Eureka moment, you might say. And yes, it is highly recommended.
– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

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