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ATC SCM150ASLT > Stereo Magazine Review


ATC SCM150ASLT > Stereo Magazine Review

Professionals at Work – Never heard of ATC? Then it’s time to change that! Otherwise you might possibly miss the best loudspeaker of your life – as for example the SCM150ASLT active floorstander.

Dynamics without Limits
Since every detail in loudspeaker design is connected to everything else, the relationship between magnetic flux and the real-life temperatures at the voice coil has of course been investigated, as well as the mechanical stability of diaphragms and the spring system. It’s easy to imagine how important dynamics are when you know that even a seemingly harmless string quartet can easily generate a good 100 dB of sound pressure at a distance of two metres. The total amplifier power of 350 watts – 2/3 of which is entirely in Class A – is fed to the drivers with almost no distortion. Enough to let the 38cm bass driver pump even the deepest frequencies into our room with majestic composure. It should be noted that, on top of that, active speakers are on average six decibels more efficient with amplifier power than passive speakers.

Between Delicate and Powerful

Puccini’s “La Bohème”, recorded in 1974 by Karajan’s Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and starring Luciano Pavarotti in the role of Rudolf, provided the “Ice Cold Hand” with Pleasant shivers, not least because the stage on which the action took place was very easy to understand. When we returned to the “lowlands” of popular music to hear Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury with “Barcelona” and then “Heaven” sounded powerful and passionate as well as full of “heavenly air” – it almost moved us to tears. This loudspeaker can, despite its high price, be regarded as almost incredibly cheap for what it has to offer. Something that has unfortunately become an exception in the world of high end audio.


A three-way active loudspeaker in a class of its own. The ATC SCM 150 A SLT hides most sophisticated technology behind its rather simple exterior. With its perfect neutrality in tone, crazy dynamic reserves and deep, dry bass foundation it is just as convincing as it is with its precise spatial imaging.

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