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Aurender A200 Caching Music Server – The Audio Beatnik Review

Aurender A200 Caching Music Server – The Audio Beatnik Review

The Aurender A200 is a music server, streamer, and DAC. It is the upgraded replacement to the A100.

Sound Quality and Aurender Conductor
There are two facets of the Aurender A200, its sound quality and the experience of using the Conductor app. There’s no denying that the cost to enter the Aurender ecosystem is high. However, the rewards are the Conductor app’s intuitiveness, polish, and speed. It is the best music streaming and controller app I’ve used. Its layout is logical and intelligent. Everything is where it needs it to be and there are no unnecessary animations cluttering the user experience. Most impressively, the app never crashed a single time during the two months I spent with the A200. The Conductor App’s stability matches the cool-running appliance-like reliability of the A200; both are rock-solid.

Memorable Musical Experiences
When listening with the A200 in my system, I came across several songs whose musical attributes exceeded the sum of their parts. Playing these compositions through the A200 went beyond simply “sounding good,” and instead conveyed a deeper musical message. Beyond the subjective sound quality and technical specifications, the A200 is capable of an emotional connection that shows the true measure of its worth.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts
The A200 runs cooler, boots up faster, and has a larger screen than its predecessor. It offers two user-installable drive bays for large libraries of local files, while also offering excellent performance as a streaming transport. Like the A100, it conveys the Aurender house sound thanks to the AKM 4490 DAC. Reliability, musicality, and tonal accuracy are the standout attributes of the Aurender experience.
– Drew Gagliano, April 2022

Link to product: Aurender A200
Link to review: TheAudioBeatnik

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