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Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier > AVforums Review


Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier > AVforums Review

The CSA 70 is a sensational amplifier; balancing a comprehensive specification and excellent build with a performance that is sublime across its full functionality. Copland has built a masterpiece.
Score 10 out of 10


Let’s cut to the chase. There are any number of great amplifiers we’ve looked at in the price segment where the CSA 70 pitches in and some of them do more extensive and remarkable things in specification terms than this subtle, almost unassuming Dane. None of them balance functionality, build and performance in the manner that this one does though. The Copland is perhaps the most effortlessly capable device I’ve looked at this year. Beyond the specification is a sheer strength in depth that has you falling for it in a big way. This is a truly magnificent amplifier and the current Best in Class.
– Ed Selley, November 2021


Best In Class


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