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ELECTROCOMPANIET EMC 1 MK V Reference CD Player > HiFI News review


ELECTROCOMPANIET EMC 1 MK V Reference CD Player > HiFI News review

Since 1998, Electrocompaniet has produced one of the best sound­ing CD players on the market, the EMC 1 UP. The new EMC 1 MKV builds upon this legacy and refines by using a new drive unit.

The MKV also introduces updated electronics for better sonic perfor­mance, new mechanics for more rigid construction and brand new chassis with updated design to be in line with the new MKII edition of our other products.

The Persuader
Another UK guitar star, Dire Straits’ ‘Sultans Of Swing’ [Money For Nothing; Vertigo/Phonogram 836 419-2], showcased the player’s accomplished presentation of fine details, such as drummer Pick Withers alternating between his ride cymbal and hi-hat during the track’s verses, and, again, its persuasive rhythmic ability. But also notable was a way with bass that suggests the EMC 1 MKV will benefit from partnership with amplifiers and loudspeakers that have both depth and subtlety. Whether the music features a fluid, melodious bassline, as on ‘Sultans…’, or something darker and more dramatic – a description that suits nearly every piece of Hans Zimmer’s score for Blade Runner 2049 […Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; Epic 19075803092] – the EMC 1 MKV player will dig it out.

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Hi-Fi News Verdict
A CD player and nothing else – there aren’t even digital filters to experiment with, let alone inputs – Electrocompaniet’s EMC 1 MKV isn’t meant to be the hub of a multi-format system. Yet silver disc collectors will find their library is in very safe hands, as this fifth-gen flagship makes CDs sound thrillingly musical, and does so from a glamorous, well-engineered machine that’s a real pleasure to use.

– Mark Craven, Hi-Fi News & Record Review

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