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GOLD NOTE PH-1000 > HiFi Pig review

GOLD NOTE PH-1000 > HiFi Pig review

CONCLUSION > The PH1000 is an excellent sounding phonostage in its own right giving up a dynamic and detailed presentation that is strong through all the frequencies but with a slightly pushed midband presentation that really makes vocal performances pop from the mix and into the room.

On large scale recordings, there’s a real sense of drama brought to the listening room and the PH1000 adds an extra smidgen of spectacle to the listening experience.  Tops are clear and sparkly and bass is defined and well proportioned.

In my mind, the main thing that a phonostage should do is allow your chosen cartridges to shine, and it achieves this very well, whether that be moving coil or moving magnet varieties. This latter point may be a double-edged sword and I would suggest that the PH1000 may well expose weaknesses in less than excellent transducers. As well as being double-edged, this point may well be moot given that anyone likely to be looking to spend this kind of money on a phonostage is unlikely not to have given a good deal of thought to their chosen cartridges.

The PH1000 sounds great, looks excellent in the black finish we got sent and is overflowing with bells and whistles that will keep the ardent vinyl fanatic or archivist happy for many years to come and allow them to hear their prized possessions as they were supposed to be heard. However, for many, the PH1000 is going to be overkill on this front and the more casual user may find that they are paying for features that they use rarely.


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