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REL S/812 > Best High End Subwoofer 2020

REL S812

REL S/812 > Best High End Subwoofer 2020

The REL S/812 forms part of the pretentiously titled Serie S range of subwoofers, but never a company to do things by half, the latest additions are a total transformation of REL’s mid-sized class of subs. As a result, unlike the previously released 212/SE, the new S/812 represents a complete revision of the line-up that adds new upgrades and design features.

For a start, the cabinet has been revised, and the feet replaced with rails. The NextGen5 amplifier has also been upgraded to deliver more power, and the ultra-lightweight ContinuousCast alloy cone redesigned to handle the increase in slam. Improved filters tailor the LFE channel to deliver twice the output between 19 and 35Hz, while the high-level and low-level inputs use a new PerfectFilter. Finally, these redesigned subwoofers can also be stacked up to three units high.

The REL S/812 has a completely redesigned cabinet that is lower, wider and deeper, using dimensions based on the company’s Reference Series. The build quality is superb, and despite essentially being a cube, the S/812 is unusually attractive for a subwoofer. This is the kind of sub you wouldn’t mind having on display, rather than hidden away in a dedicated home cinema.

In the real world, bass has width, depth and height, so by stacking these subs, you create a bigger bass presence from a smaller footprint

REL S/812 Subwoofer Review
The REL S/812 is an impressive subwoofer that effortlessly combines style, build quality and performance into a mid-range model that can hold its own against any of the competition. The combination of the 12-inch driver and matching 12-inch passive radiator ensures some serious low-end extension, and the amplification has power to spare. The S/812 delivers deep and controlled bass that’s handled with speed and agility, seamlessly blending with the other speakers in your system to create a fully integrated soundstage.

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