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AUDIOLAB OMNIA > AV Forums review


AUDIOLAB OMNIA > AV Forums review

Where the Omnia is good, it is astonishingly good. It’s well made, has connectivity for days and it sounds excellent. If you only need network streaming, others are better adapted for the task but none of them has the functionality the Audiolab does.


The Omnia is a slightly tricky product to summarise. On the one hand, we have a product with connections for days, peerless build and a sonic performance that is truly outstanding. Using the Omnia with the Rega or via the USB input (using Roon instead of Play-Fi), it has delighted me. Mechanically and in all sonic regards it is utterly untroubled by the rivals under two thousand pounds.
– Ed Selley Mar 28, 2022

Link to product: Audiolab Omnia
Link to review: AV Forums

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