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AURENDER N100SC caching music server and streamer > Dagogo review


AURENDER N100SC caching music server and streamer > Dagogo review

The immediate advantage of the Aurender was the startlingly pristine state of CD music that emerged on the first note, prompting the realization of the crudeness of sound from my Apple MacBook Pro and Oppo UDP-205, pre-Aurender days. Tonal definition and spatial projection of instruments by the Aurender approached the Esoteric K-01XD physical disk playback level, conceding in ultimate textural and tonal differentiation.

The Aurender would be a highly qualified transport for the $153,000 Audio Note UK Fifth Element/Fifth Force DAC system for the tone-philes who, after purchasing the DAC, could no longer afford Audio Note UK’s own matching, $100,000 CDT-Six CD transport. Music with resolutions up to 24 Bit 96KHz, the upper limit of the ANUK DAC system, was reproduced with such beauty of tone, especially with solo instruments and the human voice, and yet with such degree of care that there was simply no likeness of it that I know of. The operational stability and sound quality of the Aurender was first-class in serving the Audio Note UK super DAC.

The diminutive physique of the N100SC also equates flexibility in not only listening to hard-disk music in my main system but also for the upcoming System 2, as well as for headphone listening. A $3,300 digital audio file transport that plays nicely with the super DACs and is meticulously put together: the Aurender N100SC is the only high-end machine I know of that is fit to compliment the most high-end systems and yet costing a comparative penny. Recommended.
– Dan Ribin | Sept, 2020 | Dagogo


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