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C’Est La Vie > REL T9i


C’Est La Vie > REL T9i

There are some moments in life that are so special, they scream out for attention… Properly dialed in, these T/9i subwoofers are earth shattering.
-D Taylor

The conclusion

Ultimately, this exercise served to teach me a thing or two about audio. I could hear clearly why the high level input works so well, and I’m now a committed convert. I would also say, I think subwoofer driver material science must be near its peak because I simply can’t believe how low these T/9i subwoofers can go for what they cost. They’re truly astonishing.

Take my advice, learn from my experience and try out a pair of these in your system, via high level input if you can (active speaker owners, use the low level input). I can confidently say you will be talking to your dog about how good it sounds before too long.

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Link to product: REL T9i

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