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COPLAND CSA 100 > Hi-Fi News


COPLAND CSA 100 > Hi-Fi News

In what is looking like it might be a trend – tube hybrid integrated amplifiers – Copland joins in with a Danish beauty at a sensible price, the all-singing, all-dancing CSA100

Three thoughts hit me as soon as I switched on the Copland CSA100 integrated amplifier. The first was that it was an all-embracing, do-everything tube/transistor hybrid like the Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE [HFN Jul ’20], rated at a similar 100W/8ohm if at a fraction of the price, at £3498. The second was that I want it to kick off a fashion for cool, fully-loaded integrated hybrids because they are the smartest option for offering the best of the tube/solid-state worlds. The third is the realisation that I need to look deeper into hi-fi system building.

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Hi-Fi News Verdict
Maybe I’m getting soft in my dotage but I prefer to think it’s the hardware getting better: I utterly loved the Copland CSA100, the review system playing Cupid. I listened for hours on end, flitting from source to source, even over-indulging in headphones. The ‘why’ is simple: the CSA100’s sound is so ‘more-ish’ you won’t want to leave it alone. The value and the plethora of features are mere bonuses.
– Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi NEws | Sept, 2020

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