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GOLD NOTE PH-1000 > HiFi Pig review

CONCLUSION > The PH1000 is an excellent sounding phonostage in its own right giving up a dynamic and detailed presentation that is strong through all the frequencies but with a slightly pushed midband presentation that really makes vocal performances pop from the mix and into the room.


Gold Note IS-1000

GOLD NOTE IS-1000 DELUXE > TAS – Editors’ choice 2022 Award

Treble octaves were smooth and non-fatiguing. Transient behavior was natural, rather than overly etched and prickly. Brass ensembles fared well with sharp assertive attacks that were not overly metallic and with a nice trailing openness on decays. The spark and intensity of aggressively bowed violins were revealed, but never to the point of upstaging the resonant wooden bodies of the instruments. Imaging was unclouded, and localization of players could be observed seemingly at a glance, as if you were actually seated comfortably in the audience about mid-hall.


COPLAND CSA70 > Stereonet America – Applause Award

Copland’s new CSA70 is a solid-state amplifier delivering a claimed 70W per channel into 8 ohms and 130W into 4 ohms. It sports three unbalanced analogue line inputs, MM phono stage, coaxial, optical, and USB digital inputs via a built-in DAC, plus a headphone socket. Unlike the company’s other integrated amps, the entry-level CSA70 is not a tube/transistor hybrid. If you want a valve line stage, you’ll need to look at the pricier 100W CSA100 or 150W CSA150 models.

atc sia2 100

ATC SIA2-100 > Audiograde Review

All that you want

Inputs wise this amp is very well and sensibly served, making sure all bases are covered for most music fans. The rear panel offers two sets of line-level (RCA) analogue inputs alongside optical (TOSLINK), coaxial (S/PDIF) and USB (Type B) digital sockets. The latter three are handled via an AKM 32-bit DAC chip, with the USB input catering for PCM signals up to 384kHz and native DSD256 for PC and DSD128 for Mac. The amp’s front panel also sports a 3.5mm auxiliary socket for hooking up analogue inputs in a hurry and a 6.35mm headphone jack to keep partners and neighbours happy.



The British hi-fi heritage revival remains strong, with Mission’s 770 being the latest reimagined classic.

Mission’s new 770 loudspeakers have been re-engineering to retain the unmistakably 70s vintage style while benefitting from cutting-edge performance. Best of all, these new Missions are designed and made in the UK as part of a new initiative from IAG!