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gold note giglio

GOLD NOTE GIGLIO > recenzija v Fairaudio.de

Is there an audio topic that comes to mind even more clichés than Italian products? I do not think so. That is why “Il suono italiano”, the slogan of the Italian Gold Note, could lead you on the wrong track. Because what one might associate with it does not apply to the Giglio turntable (price: 4,190 euros) at all. It’s not a romantic, but a very modern product.


The Gold Note Giglio …

  • impresses with a design that really deserves its name.
  • is characterized by its great smoothness, which enables a very stable sound.
  • has an extremely dynamic style of play that is more reminiscent of a direct drive or friction wheel than a belt-driven drive. Despite its extraordinary coarse dynamic capabilities, it also leaves a lot of space for fine dynamic resolution – that’s not always the case.
  • enables a reproduction of great tonal neutrality and high precision, which nevertheless keeps an eye on the fun factor and the joy of listening to music.
  • amazes with a crisp, very deep bass reproduction and precise, neutral, at least never opulent or warm mids.
  • is a master of fatigue-free audibility, not least thanks to its stress-free and very neutral high frequency reproduction, which is not annoying despite all openness. Even for this price range, this is anything but standard.
  • Can illuminate recording rooms very well, the depth graduation is surprising. A particular talent of the Gold Note is to make “real room sizes” (such as from live recordings) acoustically tangible in all dimensions.

– Christian Bayer | March, 2021 | Fairaudio


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