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GOLD NOTE PIANOSA > How it’s made

GOLD NOTE PIANOSA > How it’s made

The Pianosa, just like the Mediterraneo and the Giglio, offers a unique combination of high-quality materials and refined technical solutions to achieve the purest audio execution.

The Pianosa follows the sonic philosophy experimented with the full range of Gold Note turntables, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge we developed working on innovative shapes and quality materials.
The Catenary curved plinth
, made of Italian walnut hardwood or black lacquered MDF, is handcrafted by the best Italian wood-making artisans who carefully treat every single piece of selected wood, shaping the core of the turntable.
The wooden plinth is coupled with a 20mm thick MDF plinth and reinforced with a 3mm stainless steel plate to provide incredible rigidity.
The result is an audio performance that exceeds any expectations.
We use eco-friendly protective varnishes for all our walnut turntables.

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