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STEREOPHILE > When the song ended, I was speechless. I could not imagine a million-dollar system playing it any better.

Does Magnepan’s new LRS loudspeaker “make everything else sound like it is coming out of a cereal box”? Maybe. It definitely sounds boxless. And surely its levels of microscopic detail, accurate timbre, and pure-water transparency are unprecedented at anywhere near $650/pair.

Could the Little Ribbon Speakers become a new classic, like the old Quads or the ageless BBC LS3/5a? Perhaps. It has the right personality. Highly recommended.

– Herb Reichert | Jul 18, 2019



POSITIVE FEEDBACK > The LRS is a new and instant classic, and a $650 classic at that! In the audiophile world, that’s about the price of a cup of coffee.

Do the LRS’s deserve their Stereophile Class A rating? Yes, and even more, because they’re much more than just a “taste of the high end.” Are they absolutely perfect? No, because they definitely have a restricted low frequency range, and certain tracks—especially those that contain strong mid-bass passages, like plucked upper-register acoustic bass—may cause the mid-bass panel to snap and misbehave. Not a common occurrence, but I can cite numerous instances of tracks that have given these babies some level of trouble—and they’re almost all jazz records. That said, the ability of these loudspeakers to portray a startlingly realistic image of the recorded event is stunningly good—I can’t heap on enough superlatives.
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I’m keeping my pair; the Magneplanar LRS is most definitely a new classic, and reminds me daily why I fell in love with flat panel speakers in the first place. If you’re at all interested, order now—they come with the money-back guarantee if you ultimately decide they’re not your cup of tea—and the wait time for delivery is still about four or five months. The LRS is on my best-of list for 2019, and is very highly recommended!
– Tom Gibbs | Nov 09, 2019


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