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MELCO N100 > Music Streamer & Server


MELCO N100 > Music Streamer & Server

…One of two space-saving half-width models (along with the higher-performing N10), the N100 includes the same class-leading Melco features and high-performance sound quality as its range siblings.

Benefitting from a 2 TB HDD, easily expandable with the Melco E100 expansion drive or a standard USB-connected HDD, the N100 is the perfect introduction to Melco ownership. Despite its low price, the N100 features core Melco innovations, such as audio-specific components, twin ethernet ports (incl. a dedicated player port) and front panel, app or remote control.

Further features include easy CD-importing with either the Melco D100 CD drive or a standard IT drive, one-button USB back-ups, plus a front panel USB for importing music, playing music, or adding a USB DAC.


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