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REL > The Art of Setting Up a Line Array

REL S510 Line array

REL > The Art of Setting Up a Line Array

Why Would You Want a Line Array?

Let’s explore the purpose to our Line Array approach because, let’s face it, if you haven’t heard one you might well think this is just about pure power and ludicrous mode output. While you wouldn’t be wrong about their potential for massive output the true reason for owning a REL Line Array has more to do with all the amazingly tactile qualities the highest end music and film sound systems aspire to.

The sound quality, visual presentation and sophisticated forms these deliver elevates merely very good systems to a whole different and better-in-every-way delivery of music and film sound.

What can be even more rewarding than buying a line array, is building one over time. By starting with just one or two RELs, and adding additional subwoofers as funds permit, you can better understand what each unit in the line array brings out in your system. You’ll be amazed at every step of the journey.

Until one experiences a REL Line Array it is hard to understand the profound leap from mundane to edge of the art these afford.

REL’s Chief Designer guides you step by step through his setup process to get the most out of a REL 6 pack.

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