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SHUNYATA RESEARCH DELTA D6 Power Distributor & VENOM NR and V14 Digital Power Cables


SHUNYATA RESEARCH DELTA D6 Power Distributor & VENOM NR and V14 Digital Power Cables


The tonal palette was also refined—I heard a wider contrast of instrumental timbre and increased micro-dynamic resolution. The impression of extended reverberation times, of longer sustains and decays, was also quite apparent. The overall effect was akin to the way your eyes seem to perceive a more vivid array of colors and contrasts on the sunny day following a cleansing rainstorm.

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I observed, for example, during Dave Brubeck’s Take Five the sheer naturalism of Desmond’s saxophone—a near-ideal balance of reedy attack and trailing harmonic sweetness. Peter Gabriel’s and Kate Bush’s vocals during “Don’t Give Up” from the Tidal MQA stream sounded less constrained, and there was more air between the duo. Massed voices, whether in a large chorus or in groupings of backup singers, were also enhanced in specificity and individuality.

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Suffice it to say that there is no guarantee that your results will mirror mine. You may even be of the belief that your system doesn’t need any help in the first place. I hear you. I’ve been there. As I said at the outset, with power products I’ve always been reluctant, but persuadable. So if you’re new to this segment, ask for an in-home audition of Hydra Delta D6 and Venom NR and see if you too are persuaded. If you already own original Venom HC power cords, my advice is to stick with them—they remain one of the best deals in audio. However, if you’re want a fairly major upgrade for a relatively modest expenditure, you may find Shunyata’s latest effort is among its best yet.

– Neil Gader | May 27th, 2020 | The Absolute Sound

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