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Verjetno najboljše zvočne omarice za ceno vseh časov za samo € 1.199,00


I’ve been a huge fan of power conditioners since a salesman plugged in an early MIT(I forget the model, but is was 5K in the early ‘90s) and it transformed the system I wasauditioning in a Queen St, Toronto store—an area known for crap power. Night and day. Of course, some conditioners I’ve heard, especially those not considering an amplifier’s high current needs, choked the life out of the sound. Happily, the AudioQuest Niagara Series has a wonderful consistency. Source or amplification, your gear is going to be treated with kid gloves.
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The Wharfedale Lintons merge a refined, elegantly detailed, full-range sound with a magnetic personality that made me want to play records—made me want to listen longer, and to understand more of what I was listening to. These conspicuous talents, plus the fact that the Lintons look Jaguar-like expensive and cost less than they should, make the newest Wharfedales highly recommendable. Povezava na recenzijo v STEREOPHILE.



You do get a lot of speaker for your £1099.95 (inc. stands). The majority of people who have seen the Lintons in our room have guesstimated a retail price of much more than £1100, especially after hearing them.

Applause AwardYes, they are a bold statement sat there in their bell-bottomed finary but don’t mistake their retro-chic for not being au fait with the latest Grime, Folktronica or Glitch Hop.

The Wharfedale Lintons are capable of producing trouser-flapping bass as well as being able to pick out the sweetest highs. Where we have heard more accurate and more detailed loudspeakers, the Lintons have a dash of fun and an easy-going appeal that makes them instantly loveable.

As well as possessing an enjoyably expansive soundstage, the Lintons also have a well-presented depth, front-to-back. That, matched by the Linton’s impressive sense of timing, sees them consistently punching above their pay-grade.

A thoroughly well-made 3-way speaker with heritage almost literally written all over them.

Well done Wharfedale, have yourself one of StereoNET’s coveted Applause Awards.
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Maloprodajna cena € 999,00.

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