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AUDIOQUEST – Mythical Series Interconnects

AUDIOQUEST – Mythical Series Interconnects

AudioQuest’s 42-year history of designing and refining analog interconnects has been a long, steady climb up a mountain, the summit of which can never be reached…

For over 40 years, AudioQuest’s interconnects have been Double-Balanced (RCA) or Triple-Balanced (XLR) to prevent the shield from being used as an inferior ground-reference conductor.

With their two- and three-cable configurations, the Mythical Series Interconnects make the multiple discrete signal and ground-reference paths externally visible for the first time — but that is not new technology. We did it because the more complicated and optimized implementation of ZERO-Tech would have made the cables stiff and unfriendly if all hidden in a single round jacket.

The extra effort of creating multiple constructions results in some of the most flexible interconnects AudioQuest has ever made.

ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon are AudioQuest’s best-sounding interconnects yet — category-defining products that establish new benchmarks of transparency and musical pleasure, bringing us significantly closer than ever to our sonic ideal of completely invisible cable.


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