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GOLD NOTE IS-1000 DELUXE > TAS – Editors’ choice 2022 Award

Gold Note IS-1000

GOLD NOTE IS-1000 DELUXE > TAS – Editors’ choice 2022 Award

Treble octaves were smooth and non-fatiguing. Transient behavior was natural, rather than overly etched and prickly. Brass ensembles fared well with sharp assertive attacks that were not overly metallic and with a nice trailing openness on decays. The spark and intensity of aggressively bowed violins were revealed, but never to the point of upstaging the resonant wooden bodies of the instruments. Imaging was unclouded, and localization of players could be observed seemingly at a glance, as if you were actually seated comfortably in the audience about mid-hall.

In today’s high-end amplifier market, it isn’t enough just to sound good anymore. Any manufacturer worth his salt must master the skills necessary to make components true multi-discipline performers. In my view Gold Note has fulfilled the expectations of enthusiasts by producing a musically engaging and highly configurable integrated. At every level of execution the Gold Note IS-1000 truly strikes the right note.


Lint ot product: Gold Note IS-1000
Link to review: The Absolute Sound


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