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ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI-80D > The sound of the fjords

ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI-80D > The sound of the fjords

A simple amplifier for ordinary people

If you are a ‘streaming addict’ and enjoy MQA or high-resolution music from Amazon or have lots of DXD and DSD files, the ECI 80D is not for you.

And there is much that is ‘ecological’ about the sound of the ECI 80D, which is clean, transparent, dynamic, with that soft touch of southern warmth so appreciated by Nordic people, more accustomed to the rigours of icy cold winters.

The ECI 80D designation may give the wrong impression that this is a Class D integrated amplifier, even more so because it has a switched-mode power supply (hence it is so light: only 8kg).

Instead, this is a Class A/B amplifier, designed from scratch with 2 x 80W, doubling over 4 Ohm, and a damping factor of 300 (bass control is excellent).

The ECI 80 D has a distinctive design and boasts a fine analogue Class A/B amplifier with a surprisingly good if limited DAC (24/192 SPDIF only). The Bluetooth streaming function is a bonus for no stress informal listening situations or ambient background music. The ECI 80 D is recommended by Hificlube.net for its acoustic merits and deserves to be in your shortlist for auditioning before any decision to buy in its price range.
– José Victor Henriques, HiFiClube


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