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MAGNEPAN MG1.7i Loudspeaker > TAS review


MAGNEPAN MG1.7i Loudspeaker > TAS review

The balance of this review will now focus on the Magnepan MG1.7i speaker. However, a number of the themes outlined previously are very applicable to the 1.7i and touch directly on the speaker’s remarkably lifelike sound (and “lifelike” is perhaps the most noteworthy attribute that can be bestowed on an audio component).
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The Magnepan 1.71 is an exceptional loudspeaker, especially for its modest cost. It is a true high-end product that will be especially appreciated by those who know and treasure the beauty of live music. The use of the same improved drive elements throughout the frequency expanse works very well. The 1.7i also retains the spatial quality of live music. As Magnepan states, the company has produced a highly phase-coherent speaker without resorting to a complex crossover network (and it shows).

In summary, this is a device that does not get in the way of the music. Rather it retains most of the musical information passing through it. It is clear, detailed, and enjoyably realistic. The 1.7i affords a true high-end listening experience for far less cost than sonically competitive speakers. It is a gem and a real bargain.
– John Nork, The Abolute Sound | March, 2021

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