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MELCO N100 > 7review


MELCO N100 > 7review

Adding a music library server to your network to centralise all your digital audio files is becoming increasingly popular. Melco has been one of the leaders in this category with an extensive range of models spanning the N1A/2 4TB HDD (HFC 424) and N1ZH/2 6TB HDD (HFC 438) through to the flagship N1ZS/2A 2TB solid-state music server with 2TB SSD storage. With prices for these components increasing, Melco has released the N100 to provide a new first rung on its ladder.

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The N100 isn’t a radical step forward over anything we have seen from Melco already, but it does bring the well-honed virtues of the brand to a more affordable price point. If you have a streaming setup that you are fundamentally happy with, the N100 music library is a great way of bringing audiophile sound quality to your digital files. With excellent stability and the elegant industrial design, it’s a welcome arrival that looks set to attract those wanting to make the most of high-quality digital music playback.

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