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Novice, obvestila in posebne ponudbe

ATC SCM150ASLT > Stereo Magazine Review

Professionals at Work – Never heard of ATC? Then it’s time to change that! Otherwise you might possibly miss the best loudspeaker of your life – as for example the SCM150ASLT active floorstander.

Dynamics without Limits
Since every detail in loudspeaker design is connected to everything else, the relationship between magnetic flux and the real-life temperatures at the voice coil has of course been investigated, as well as the mechanical stability of diaphragms and the spring system. It’s easy to imagine how important dynamics are when you know that even a seemingly harmless string quartet can easily generate a good 100 dB of sound pressure at a distance of two metres. The total amplifier power of 350 watts – 2/3 of which is entirely in Class A – is fed to the drivers with almost no distortion. Enough to let the 38cm bass driver pump even the deepest frequencies into our room with majestic composure. It should be noted that, on top of that, active speakers are on average six decibels more efficient with amplifier power than passive speakers.


IsoTek Aquarius V5

The dawning of the ISOTEK V5 AQUARIUS

IsoTek reimagines its most decorated power optimisation device of all time for the modern music lover

Winchester, England, September 30th: IsoTek, the world leader in power optimisation devices for AV systems, has launched the new V5 Aquarius.

The V5 Aquarius is a power-cleaning system with six independent power-cleaning networks in a single chassis: two outputs for high-current devices and four designed for preamplifiers, source and network components. These use multiple independent power cleaning networks that dramatically reduce Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination between output sockets.VEČ…


REL T5x > review by Tone Audio

Listening to the speed, detail, and delicacy of the bass line in Sly and The Family Stone’s “It’s a Family Affair” proved the impetus for where this review is heading.

Shambala Ljubljana

NUPRIME AUDIO A300 domuje v Shambali, Ljubljana

Shambala, vrhunska restavracija locirana v najstarejši ulici v Ljubljani, se je na nas obrnila z željo po nadgradnji glasbenega sistema. Potrebovali so sistem, ki zmore ozvočiti večji prostor in omogoča predvajanje enake ali različne glasbe ter ločeno upravljanje glasnosti v posameznih prostorih. Naš izziv je bil poiskati ojačevalnik s streamerjem, ki je hkrati majhen, zmogljiv in opremljen s številnimi možnostmi streaminga (internetni radio, mrežno predvajanje in glasbeni servisi najmanj v CD kakovosti). Rešitev smo našli v modelu NUPRIME AUDIO A-300 – z vrhunskim vgrajenim DAC-om, ki zmore celo 150W/8ohm in odlično programsko opremo LinkPlay. Shambalini kulinarični presežki so tako dobili novo glasbeno preobleko. Vabljeni k okušanju in poslušanju!



HARBETH C7ES-3 XD > Tone Audio review

Listening to the gentle interplay of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway on their classic track, “Where is the Love?” its panoramic presentation plays to the strength of Harbeth’s latest version of their ever popular Compact 7 monitor.

Having owned the original and the anniversary version, the current “XD” series is the best yet – at least for most of us. If you’re the person that always likes the original version of something, claiming all subsequent versions to not only be rubbish, but not “the real example,” you might be a little put off by the extra resolution served up by this model. As they say in business school – “you’re not the right customer.”

Gold Note CD-1000 MkII

GOLD NOTE CD-1000 MKII > Darko Audio review

Gold Note’s IS-1000 streaming amplifier recently spent time here. Comprehensive functionality and a graceful sound, all founded on clarity. Build quality was admirable too, with understated looks that whispered style rather than shouting it.

The CD-1000 MKII is similarly blessed, its discrete fascia giving way to Gold Note’s signature air vents slashed stylishly into the casework. Was this overkill? The thing runs cool as a cucumber – but those vents, they do look good. Build quality is also fine; in both senses of the word.


COPLAND CSA 100 > Hi-Fi News

In what is looking like it might be a trend – tube hybrid integrated amplifiers – Copland joins in with a Danish beauty at a sensible price, the all-singing, all-dancing CSA100

Three thoughts hit me as soon as I switched on the Copland CSA100 integrated amplifier. The first was that it was an all-embracing, do-everything tube/transistor hybrid like the Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE [HFN Jul ’20], rated at a similar 100W/8ohm if at a fraction of the price, at £3498. The second was that I want it to kick off a fashion for cool, fully-loaded integrated hybrids because they are the smartest option for offering the best of the tube/solid-state worlds. The third is the realisation that I need to look deeper into hi-fi system building.


NUPRIME AMG STA Power Amplifier and AMG PRA Preamplifier > TAS review

The company was founded back in 2014 by Jason Lim, the former CEO of NuForce, and it specializes in boutique Class D amps, media streamers, and many other products. I was very excited to get a nearly complete system of its AMG STA power amplifier and AMG PRA preamp. The amp and preamp combination have the same form factor and were clearly designed to work in tandem. While I’m a fan of mixing and matching equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, there’s something special about listening to the products from a single line, and getting a sense of  how they work in tandem.



NOVO > TECHNICS SU-G700M2 integrirani ojačevalnik visokega razreda

Pogon JENO
(odpravljanje trepetanja in optimizacija oblikovanja šuma)


Pogon JENO (odpravljanje trepetanja in optimizacija oblikovanja šuma)
Za verno posredovanje ogromne količine podatkov v zvočnike brez izgub ima jakostni ojačevalec SUG700M2 povsem digitalni ojačevalnik z JENO Engine, ki temelji na konceptu zasnove referenčnih sistemov. Da bi rešili vprašanje poslabšanja kakovosti zvoka zaradi trepetanja, ki povzroča težave za običajne digitalne ojačevalnike, ima SU-G700M2 izvirno vezje za zmanjšanje trepetanja, ki ga odpravlja v celotnem zvočnem frekvenčnem območju. Za kakovost zvoka je pomembno tudi edinstveno visokonatančno vezje za modulacijo širine impulza (PWM). Z optimizacijo elementov, kot so hitrost, pri kateri nastaja šum, stopnjo in kvantizacijsko število, z našim edinstvenim strokovnim znanjem zagotovimo, da se tudi podatki v širokem dinamičnem razponu, ki ga vsebujejo viri zvoka z visoko ločljivostjo, brez izgube pretvorijo v signale PWM. Te tehnologije zagotavljajo reprodukcijo naravnega in podrobnega zvoka, kar omogoča zaznavanje tudi najnežnejših nians glasbe.



TECHNICS SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier > TAS review

Let me begin this review with my conclusion: The new Technics SU-R1000 integrated amplifier is one of the most innovative and best-sounding pieces of electronics I’ve had the opportunity to audition in recent years. It shows how quickly digital sound is evolving and provides an exceptional mix of well-engineered features in a single integrated unit—drawing on much of the technology used in the Technics SU-R1 reference system that Alan Taffel review in the October 2016 issue of TAS.