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Novice, obvestila in posebne ponudbe

COPLAND CSA70 > Stereonet America – Applause Award

Copland’s new CSA70 is a solid-state amplifier delivering a claimed 70W per channel into 8 ohms and 130W into 4 ohms. It sports three unbalanced analogue line inputs, MM phono stage, coaxial, optical, and USB digital inputs via a built-in DAC, plus a headphone socket. Unlike the company’s other integrated amps, the entry-level CSA70 is not a tube/transistor hybrid. If you want a valve line stage, you’ll need to look at the pricier 100W CSA100 or 150W CSA150 models.

atc sia2 100

ATC SIA2-100 > Audiograde Review

All that you want

Inputs wise this amp is very well and sensibly served, making sure all bases are covered for most music fans. The rear panel offers two sets of line-level (RCA) analogue inputs alongside optical (TOSLINK), coaxial (S/PDIF) and USB (Type B) digital sockets. The latter three are handled via an AKM 32-bit DAC chip, with the USB input catering for PCM signals up to 384kHz and native DSD256 for PC and DSD128 for Mac. The amp’s front panel also sports a 3.5mm auxiliary socket for hooking up analogue inputs in a hurry and a 6.35mm headphone jack to keep partners and neighbours happy.



The British hi-fi heritage revival remains strong, with Mission’s 770 being the latest reimagined classic.

Mission’s new 770 loudspeakers have been re-engineering to retain the unmistakably 70s vintage style while benefitting from cutting-edge performance. Best of all, these new Missions are designed and made in the UK as part of a new initiative from IAG!


ATC SCM40 > Soundstage Ultra review

Conclusion >>> The ATC SCM40 is an extraordinary loudspeaker at this price and it’s very hard for me to think of anything that comes close, even at twice its cost.

Gold Note PH-1000

GOLD NOTE PH-1000 > Stereophile review

Gold Note’s $11,999 PH-1000 is by a considerable margin the most sophisticated, most configurable phono preamplifier that any audio manufacturer has ever produced, at least that I know of. Remarkably, considering all that flexibility and sophistication, using and adjusting the PH-1000 is straightforward.

AUDIOQUEST DRAGONFLY RED > Review – Worth a purchase in 2022?

You’ve come to the right place!!

Today we’ll take another look at the DragonFly Red and find out if it’s still worth a purchase in 2022.
It’s been a top recommendation of mine for a few years now, and I wanted to see if it holds up among the current oversaturated DAC market and if not, what should you be targeting instead?
By the end of this article, you should know everything it’s capable of and if it’s right for you.



ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI 80D Integrated Amplifier > HiFi Pig review

Designed and made in Norway.
The ECI 80D is our brand new integrated amplifier. The new ECI 80D offers 2 x 80 Watts into 8 Ohms, using an in-house developed Class A/B Amplifier.
We have equipped it with a built-in RIAA pre-amplifier for your LP player (MM cartridge support), 2-way Bluetooth HD for both streaming from your iOS, Android unit, Mac, or PC, and also HD streaming to your High-end headphones. And of course a 5-input DAC (3 Toslink, 2 COAX)