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Novice, obvestila in posebne ponudbe


The Electrocompaniet Tana SL-2 is designed for use in a smaller room, maybe as a second system in a bedroom or kitchen, or you can set them up around the house as a multi-room system. Although compact I found the Tana, particularly in its two speaker stereo configuration, worked well even in the large, high ceilinged living/listening room that we have downstairs.

I must admit to being someone who never used to enjoy hearing the words ‘wireless’ and ‘speaker’ used in close proximity. The market is full of cheap, almost disposable, options, however, the Electrocompaniet offering is in the class of the likes of the iFi Aurora, Devialet Phantoms and Naim Musos, being a high-quality build with ‘proper’ HiFi credentials.


TECHNICS SL-G700 Network/SACD Player > Applause Award, Stereonet

Technics CD player, SACD player, network streamer and DAC is a really interesting product – but I can’t help but feel that we are witnessing something that fifteen years from now, will feel akin to one of those old hybrid VHS/DVD video recorders from the mid-nineteen nineties. In other words, it’s a super-clever do-everything design – but very much of its time.



French cable expert and electro-mechanics engineer Richard Cesari founded Esprit over 20 years ago. Esprit might not be the first name to roll off the tongue in terms of audio hookups, but perhaps it should be. Why? Because the Esprit Beta interconnect and loudspeaker cables, and the Alpha power cords all represent extraordinary value for money. They are basically high-end cables that forgot to get a bit too ‘spendy’. Everything about them, from the box they come in, to the braided shield, to the quality of the connectors, all says ‘money’, and the performance they elicit isn’t exactly cheap-sounding either.


REL > Introducing the All New Serie T/x

BEYOND CONVENTIONAL > Serie T/x is instantly seen as crisper, fresher a full upgrade. A faster, more transparent sound system performance awaits you with higher output levels and even greater impact.


We prefer to refine, to build generationally upon a solid foundation while searching relentlessly for every possible way to legitimately improve upon our past performance.
Our goals were not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to deliver as much as possible of our latest Serie S on a budget.


New > GOLD NOTE PH-1000

Introducing the PH-1000 – the most advanced phono stage we have ever designed.

Technology and Class-A analogue components perfectly combined to extract even the finest of details from your records. With more fine adjustments you’ll ever need for your MM and MC cartridges, and the widest selection of EQ curves available today. A whopping 18 EQ curves are in fact available, covering most of the record labels that released vinyl even before the introduction of the RIAA.
All realised through analogue discrete components controlled via the intuitive rotary control SKC and the display…no more dip switches nor external circuits.


Technics SL-G700 digital player > Tone Audio review

With the Technics SL-G700, you don’t have to choose – it offers the option to play SACDs as well as CDs, along with the ability to stream from your NAS, or a number of music services.

There are still a high number of music lovers with an emphasis on playing physical media, yet are making their way into the current world of streaming. As a few dedicated imprints like Mobile Fidelity are still pressing high quality SACDs, this is a definite niche that has been left unfulfilled outside of a handful of very expensive players.


STEINMUSIC Pi Carbon Signature Record Mat > TAS Review

How a piece of varnished Japanese paper can consistently improve the sound of a vinyl record riding atop it is beyond me. All I can tell you is that it does—that the very thing that makes many LPs sound like LPs, like mosaics made of individually recorded bits and pieces, is replaced by something that makes those bits and pieces seem more like interrelated parts of a sonic whole.



Elektrika je vedno vroča tema v hi-fi in vrhunskih krogih. Še posebej, kadar naj bi skozi pretanke bakrene žice prešlo preveč toka. Potem svetijo, žice. In še bolj forumi, ko gre za to temo. Jaz pa se poskušam s takimi vprašanji spoprijeti trezno in hladno. Če vem, da če so takšni testi uspešni v smislu zvoka, se mi lahko ušesa resnično vroče. In ker sem zgolj radoveden, bom danes tukaj preizkusil linijski filter in napajalnik Powergrip YG-1.VEČ…

ELECTROCOMPANIET AW250 R STEREO AMPLIFIER > Stereonet review – Applause Award

Electrocompaniet has two parallel product ranges – the EC Living Line and the Classic Line. The former offers compact, convenient systems and/or speakers, while the latter – from which the AW250 R stereo power amplifier is taken – is an old school, unreconstructed range of hi-fi separates. This two-channel dual-mono design puts out a claimed 2x 250W RMS per channel into 8 ohms of Class AB power. Thanks to its stiff, so-called Floating Transformer Technology power supply, the power doesn’t fall away into lower loads; it punches out 2x 380W into 4 ohms, 2x 625W into 2 ohms and a surprising 2x 1,100W into 1. Boom!

REL S510

REL S510 > Reviews

Zavidljivo bobnenje epskih razsežnosti
REL-ov 10inchni nizkotonec serije S nima dolgega seznama specifikacij ali globine, s katerima se ponaša sicer večji in dražji model S/812, se mu pa zelo približa in ga v okretnosti ter odzivnosti celo prekaša.
Če vam proračun dovoljuje, priporočamo, da se odločite za nakup dveh enot, ki bosta vašemu prostoru podarili uravnoteženo in dodelano nizkofrekvenčno podlago, s katero bodo vaši najljubši filmski kadri zabobneli v epskih razsežnostih.VEČ…